Friday, July 4, 2014

  NABCO has been awarded the license  to produce a line of Downton Abbey collectible character bears for he USA.  NABCO is the FIRST plush manufacture to be awarded the license for the most popular British drama on PBS ever.   I know this series is very popular here and am pleased to be one of the first to spread the news.  The above picture is not of the finished bears fro promotional purposes only so retailers can get an idea of how the bears will be dressed. There will be four 12" bears  portraying  the main characters of Robert, Violet, Cora, and Mary. From the above picture you can see the outfits the bears will be wearing are quite special and portray each of the characters quite well. Especially Roberts' and Cora's outfits.   The retail price is $75 each either on stands or without and they are scheduled to be available this November just before season 5 of Downton Abbey  is to start.  

I am trying to test the waters as to how the collectors will want to order these exceptional bears.  Whether all four will be wanted or just your favorite character.  Your feedback will be greatly appreciated on this.