Friday, June 16, 2017

Latest Release From R. John Wright Dolls

John & Susan Wright made a rare signing appearance in England this month! The event was the first annual Teddy Bear Festival held at the magnificent Woburn Abbey estate and gardens. Two extremely limited RJW 'Edwardian' bears were made to mark this special occasion. The first is a little black bruin named 'Woburn.' He is accompanied by a sweet companion bear named 'Abbey!' Both bears measure just 8 inches tall and are made of the finest Shulte mohair. Five-way jointed, each bear features a molded leather nose, glass eyes, hand-embroidered features and detailed felt paw pads. Woburn sports a Black Watch plaid bow with a traditional brass bell while Abbey has tiny pink silk bows on each ear.

The bears are produced in editions of only 50 pieces each.   Village Bears is pleased to announce that we will have a very limited number of these bears to sell along with the very limited garden bench  produced by the RJW studios to accompany the Woburn Abbey bears.